Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews are two Melbourne journalists who go deep on the ‘stupid stuff’ with plenty of banter along the way. It’s a fun one for pop aficionados, it feels like chiming into a conversation between two very up-to-date friends. But as with all great pop culture discussion, Shameless taps into bigger themes that hide beneath and how a zeitgeist can change the way we think.” - The New York Times, August 3, 2019

What do we do?

As the podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff, every Monday we recap the week that was in the celebrity space. AND THEN (oh yes, there’s more) every Thursday we drop an In Conversation episode - a chat, really - with someone we consider inspiring, interesting or with a jolly good story to tell.

You know, the dumb stuff! The frivolous things! The women’s issues!

As of August 2019, Shameless has been downloaded four million times. We were crowned Australia’s Most Popular Podcast of 2019 at the Australian Podcast Awards, were named in Apple’s ‘Best of 2018’ podcasts, and have been written about in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Age and Marie Claire. We sold out our first live show in under ten minutes and have quickly become a leading voice for young women. 

Because you see, dumb stuff doesn’t have to be dumb. Our obsession with Married at First Sight can say a lot about what can capture a zeitgeist, much like a British tabloid’s incessant fascination with Meghan Markle can say volumes about our treatment of women in the public eye.

We like the dumb stuff and we like the smart stuff and we think you probably do, too.