We breathe life into ads.

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“The voice of two generations” - The Guardian

145,000 weekly downloads

45,000 Instagram followers

25,000 Facebook group members

14,000 newsletter subscribers

We’re so much more than a podcast. Shameless is a community that can drive your brand’s story forward. Your campaigns don’t need to exist in one form either; our dominance over audio, video and written content means we can speak to millennials and Gen Z in a way nobody else can.

We’ll give you anything but boring.

97% of Shameless listeners are women.

The Shameless listener is young and forward-thinking.

We are savvy and metropolitan.

We are growing. Fast.

The research doesn’t lie; your brand will benefit from podcast advertising. Podcast listeners over index in their income and employment status, and 65% of listeners feel increased brand positivity after hearing the voices they trust deliver an advertorial message. A study by ComScore in 2016 found that “people prefer ads in podcasts over any other digital medium”.

So, what exactly can you sponsor?

We offer everything from candid host reads in our Monday and Thursday podcast episodes, to Shameless event partnerships, newsletter advertorial space, social media content, and branded live streams in our Facebook community.