• Unravel True Crime: Snowball. GUYS! Mich here. Holy mother of podcasts you need to download Snowball immediately. Typically, "true crime" content is my enemy (I'm an anxious sissy who can't deal with the mere mention of blood) but this is crime without the gore. The new season follows Triple J's Ollie Wards as he investigates the woman he believes scammed his family out of more than one million dollars. The twists are scintillating - by episode six you won't be able to stop yourself from yelling 'WHAAAAAAAAAAT?' at your phone screen.


  • AHHH IT'S THE ANXIETY EPISODE AHHH by The Cut on Tuesdays: This episode looks at anxiety in all of its hideous forms and tries to tackle the ultimate question; why are we all more anxious than ever before? It looks at the different manifestations of anxiety - how it can look like an entirely different illness from sufferer to sufferer - and explores some of the more quirky methods to self-soothe (including the 'two dots' app that Mich downloaded straight after listening). If you don't have anxiety yourself, listening to this episode might equip you with the knowledge to better understand those around you who do.


  • Marlee Silva on The Daily Talk Show. Hi! Mich here. Marlee is a changemaker in the industry - particularly when it comes to platforming Indigenous voices - and her interview with Tommy and Josh from DTS was expectedly awesome. Marlee is the founder ofTiddas 4 Tiddas the initiative and the podcast, which both aim to empower young, Indigenous women to understand their capabilities. Marlee is such as engaging speaker - if you listen to anything this week, let it be this.


  • Jia Tolentino on Longform Podcast. Jia was once the Deputy Editor of Jezabel, a writer at the New Yorker, and just a wonder to listen to. In her episode, Jia speaks about a lot, but most interestingly to us, about her emotional anxiety over the "convenient" life she says she lives - the source of what she calls "useless guilt". Jia's self awareness and thoughtfulness about her place in our busy world was so refreshing to hear.

  • IN CONVERSATION: Ash London on Shameless. So yes, this is our podcast. But I (Mich) promise the episode was genuinely one of our favourites, and quite a timely one too. A few days ago, Ash's 2DayFM breakfast radio show with Ed Kavalee and Grant Denyer was axed. We recorded this episode before the news broke, but I think you'll find Ash's approach to the industry and her career to be a breath of fresh air.


  • Esther Perel — how to have a hard conversation on Ladies, We Need to Talk: Esther Perel is arguably the world's most well-known and revered couple's counsellor and psychotherapist, and in this episode of Ladies We Need to Talk, breaks down the anatomy of hard conversations and how have them with your friends, partner or family. A must listen.


  • Exposing the banks: the journalist who sparked a royal commission on Conversations: Bear with me (Zara) on this one, because I KNOW it sounds dry. But when it comes to things like the Banking Royal Commission, I felt like I could never get across the details of the story because it all seemed gritty and dry and difficult to understand. But this interview with Adele Ferguson, one of the journalists who broke the story about corruption in the industry, gives a really accessible and interesting insight into why the banks were doing so many dodgy things, and how they got away with it for so long. It’s interesting, too! I swear!


  • Ricky Gervais on Making Sense with Sam Harris: this a long one, be warned! But wowee this is a bloody interesting chat. In this interview Gervais explains exactly why he thinks he can crack the jokes he can, what he thinks the role comedy plays in an increasingly politically correct world and how he feels about certain controversies that exploded in his wake. I (Zara again lol) definitely don’t agree with every line of thought raised in this conversation (in fact some I actively disagree with), but I think that’s what makes such a stupidly interesting listen.


  • How to Fail with Elizabeth Day with Pheobe Waller-Bridge: I can't exactly have an entire column based of a podcast quote and not recommend the episode in its entirety, can I? In this episode, Waller-Bridge talks about what it's like to find unprecedented amounts of success in a short period of time, about how privilege plays a role in doing well and the fact that success doesn't come without its low points.


  • Do I sound like a broken record yet? I (Zara) have had a love affair with Elaine Welteroth since she taught the world that young women can be interested in politics, and that content can be commercially viable too. In the wake of her new memoir being released (which, yes, I have recommended too), Welteroth sits down with Alex Blumberg to chat about why she transformed Teen Vogue to a movement well beyond lipstick and the Jonas Brothers.


  • We just dropped today's In Conversation episode with Em Rusciano and it's a banger. Em's attitude and enthusiasm for life is infectious; she is colourful and candid and clever and we were so thrilled that she decided to sit down with us for this chat.

  • While you're delighting in all things Em Rusciano, we also highly recommend you listen to her interview on the Wilosophy podcast last year - doing so will give you a real insight into the story of the last 12 months, and the inspiration behind Em's brilliant new stage show The Rage & Rainbows (buy tickets here!).


  • Everyone Is Getting Divorced by The Cut On Tuesdays: I was so, so skeptical about this episode when I read the description. In it, The New York Times' celebrity profiler Taffy Brodesser-Akner reads an excerpt from her new fiction novel about divorce. It genuinely seemed like cheating to me - you can't just turn your weekly podcast into a half-arsed audiobook. Well, it turns out, you absolutely can. I've never wanted to consume an audiobook in my life before listening to this - Taffy's voice and intonation is amazing, and so, too, is the story. So, if you want a new book, or a taste of what it would be like to listen to an audiobook, START HERE.


  • In case you missed it, She's On The Money is the third pod baby out of Shameless Media! Why? Because we want women to feel comfortable with their finances - like they know how to protect themselves from financial hardship, and can take important steps towards financial freedom. From clearing debt, to saving for a house deposit and making investments, we're going to talk about it ALL over the next 12 weeks and we cannot wait. It has been a joy going behind the scenes on this one to let money expert Victoria Devine and law student Annabelle Lee take the reins - we are so proud to share their voices and wisdom with you all.


  • The Bobo and Flex podcast: There are few spaces in the world that allow women to talk about sex and dating and relationships in the way Bobo and Flex do. Together, Bobo Matjila and Flex Mami dissect the politics of sex, dating and feminism in a way that is smart and engaging and fun. They are heavy on the detail - yes, even on sex - and it's one of the most sex-positive spaces we've seen on the internet. If you're in the thick of dating culture and want to hear some smart analysis from two other women who are in the same spot, this is the podcast for you.


  • Laura Whateley's chat on money, shame, and managing your finances on the In Good Companypodcast: Have you guys listened to In Good Company with Otegha Uwagba much? If your answer is a 'no', then let me tell you: you're missing out. If the names of Otegha's interviewees don't stand out upon first scroll, let me recommend this chat as your starting point. Laura Whateley knows her stuff when it comes to money, and has so many morsels of wisdom to share in this hour-long interview. As women, we need to get better at talking about money - wherever and whenever we can - and this conversation might just open up an important dialogue between you and your closest girlfriends.


  • Jules Von Hep on The Glow Journal with Gemma Watts: This is a glorious interview with two of the beautiful minds who made Meccaland what it was. We adore them both and think you will too.

  • Wobble with Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell: if you could bottle sunshine into a podcast, it would be Wobble. Yes, sure, we've already recommended something with Jules today, but once you find this man, you'll fall madly in love with him and want to familiarise yourself with everything he does. Wobble is a podcast series about happiness and body confidence, and you'll leave every episode feeling not only better about yourself, but the world.

  • Abortion — beyond the stereotype on Ladies We Need To Talk: Given the state of the world, The ABC's Ladies We Need To Talk brilliantly delved into why it’s a myth that only the young and reckless have abortions.


  • Call Your Mom by The Cut On Tuesdays: The relationships we have with our mums are complex, and rarely is this explored in a way with nuance and heart. The Cut on Tuesdays nails the conversation, filling it with warmth and complexity.

  • Squiz The Election: Billing themselves as your concise, convenient check-in on what matters as you head to the polls, the girls from The Squiz are everything you need if you don't know who to vote for, or what to be across before Saturday's election.

  • IN CONVERSATION: Kate Wasley. Um, hello! Of course, this morning's episode went live with the legend that is Kate Wasley. Kate is so beautifully transparent about what being a model and influencer is like and how she feels being at the forefront of the body positivity debate.

  • Interview with Andrew Denton: I (Mich) miss Denton's interview style now that he isn't around as much as used to be. One thing I love is how he uses silence with his interviewees - not every space needs to be filled, and maybe we could all learn a lot from allowing it to sit there.


  • IN CONVERSATION: The Veronicas: Oh hi, yes, it’s us! Our latest In Conversation episode is live with arguably Australia’s most recognisable female band, The Veronicas. We caught up with Jess and Lisa Origliasso in Melbourne to chat about the meaning behind their new hit single, Think Of Me, and what it’s like to become very, very famous when you’re just teenagers. You can stream the new single here, while you've got them in your ears!

  • In Good Company with Elizabeth Day: For those who aren't across who Elizabeth Day is, she is a British journalist, author and podcaster who spends much of her time writing about and exploring the concept of failure. What does it actually mean to fail? Can you fail well? Is there a correct response to failure? Here, with host Otegha Uwagba, Elizabeth explores her own failings and how they've impacted her career.

  • Longform with Taffy Brodesser-Akner: This episode is years old, but goodness it's great. Taffy - an esteemed writer who has been published by the likes of GQ and The New York Times -provides incomparably helpful insight into how she built her career after starting riiiiiiight down the bottom (in magazines about soap operas).

  • Daniel Flynn on Seize The Yay: This chat is Mich's favourite from Seize The Yay so far. Daniel is analytical, compassionate, and forward-thinking, allowing him to grow his philanthropic business year on year since he launched it at 19. A great one for anyone who is self-employed, or has a big-picture idea they might want to pursue.


  • Ummmm hello, our In Conversation episode with The Bachelor's Laura Byrne!!! Yep! How good's the timing on this one; we sat down with Laura when we were in Sydney last month to chat about all things reality TV, miscarriage, and pregnancy. Given Laura also got engaged this weekend, we couldn't resist dropping this episode ASAP.

  • Michelle Battersby - Turning a job into a career, KIC Pod: This is a really warm, engaging chat about career and finding your path. A great one for any university students who want to find a bit of extra direction, or just anyone who might be feeling a little lost.

  • Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations with Melinda Gates: What’s it like living with the world’s greatest wealth, knowing you want to give it all away, but having no clue where to start? Melinda Gates has the most wonderful and refreshing take on money and philanthropy, knowing full well throwing money at problems doesn't fix them. Here, she talks about staying grounded and about how money doesn't equal merit.


  • Keira Knightly on Awards Chatter: No exaggeration, I (Zara), think this is one of my favourite celebrity interviews ever. (A massive shout out to the lovely ladies in our Facebook group who got me onto this podcast! This is a super old episode but I just stumbled on it.) I never knew Keira Knightly was so damn likeable, and I had no idea that finding fame at such a young age caused her to have a mental breakdown at the age of 22. She has such an interesting story, such brilliant insight on fame and fortune, and just seems like an absolute delight. 10/10 recommend.

  • Becoming by Still Processing: Yes, another old episode! I really went through the archives over the long weekend. I bloody love Still Processing and their smart and thoughtful takes on culture. This episode is all about Michelle Obama's best-selling memoir, Becoming, as hosts Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham marvel at how the former First Lady built such a strong presence in the US.

  • Prisoner to PhD: the rise of Kerry Tucker on ABC's Conversations: This interview is a must-listen. It will hold up your pre-conceived notions of prisoners - who they are, what makes them tick - and smash them to the floor. "Desperate people can make desperate choices," is a sentence you'll hear at the very beginning of the episode, and it will echo again and again over the next 45 minutes.


  • Tell Me I'm Fat on This American Life: Have you guys come across Lindy West's work much? If the answer is no, you NEED Lindy West in your life. Not only is she brilliant and funny, her ruminations on women and weight are searing. This is a must-listen regardless of whether you're fat, thin, or somewhere in between.

  • Ricky Gervais on Desert Island Discs. This is an old episode of the show but a total classic at that. While Mich and I have disagreed on the minutiae of Gervais' stand-up routines in the past, there's little denying this is one of the most warming and absorbing interviews to date. After all, how often do you hear a story of a world famous celebrity only actually becoming famous after the age of 40?

  • Family Money by The Cut On Tuesdays. Waiting patiently for Mich to ban me from recommending this podcast, but this episode is so brilliant: On how our history with money and the circumstances we were born into map out much of our lives.


  • IN CONVERSATION: DJ Tigerlily. Well, of course! Our newest episode is live. The chances are you know DJ Tigerlily by name, but perhaps you don’t know her story. In this chat, we explore who DJ Tigerlily is - yes - but we also get to know Dara Hayes, the woman behind the elaborate wigs and costumes. You’ll find that Dara, the 27-year-old who lives with her boyfriend and their one-year-old Groodle, is enigmatic; a refreshing blend of passion, charm, and honesty.

  • David Tennant Does a Podcast With… James Corden: Goodness, this is one of the loveliest conversations I (Zara) have listened to in a long time, and I know I always say that about David Tenant’s interviews. Corden talks all about making a name for himself in America, the makings of his now wildly loved television show and where the idea for Carpool Karaoke was born. Corden is so smart and so, so likeable.

  • Bobo and Flex: If you’re the kind of woman that loves a good D&M about all things sex and dating, this is the podcast for you. Bobo and Flex are smart, quick, and FUNNY - their observations of the dating world will have your head either bobbling with agreement or thrown back with laughter. We think their most recent ep - that looks at the ‘pink flags’ of a relationship - is a great place to start.

  • The Battle to Control the Murdoch Media Empire on The Daily: The Murdochs are one of the most powerful families in the world, controlling the media and politics alike. But what happens when it becomes clear the patriarch, Rupert, won’t be around forever, and he has no desire to relinquish power to any of his four children? The Daily takes us inside the quarrelling Murdoch family and the drama that is underpinning the next phase of the empire.


  • IN CONVERSATION: Effie Kats: Oh hi, yes, it’s us! Our latest In Conversation episode is live with the wonderful Effie Kats. Effie is such a powerhouse: After her first label, Zachary, fell apart, she pulled herself together and started her self-titled label almost straight away. At just 28, Kats has been through more than almost anyone in their 20s, and through it all, she’s smiled and put her hands to work. She is warm and generous and her story is stupidly inspiring. We hope you LOVE IT.

  • In Good Company with Dolly Alderton: For fans of The High Low and Everything I Know About Love, this interview with Dolly is a beautiful insight into what it’s like to have everything you’ve ever wanted career-wise within a year, and how that comes with its own set of challenges. She is candid and honest in a way that we haven’t heard her before, and couldn’t recommend this interview enough.

  • Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews// The podcasters for smart women who love dumb stuff on Seize the Yay: Oh hi, yes, it’s us again! We jumped behind the mics to appear on one of our favourite podcasts with one of our favourite podcasters, Sarah Holloway. We talk about everything from who we were as kids, how we handle blowback and how the podcast actually functions as a business.

  • Glow Journal's interview with Melanie Gleeson, the founder of Endota Spa: Okay, two things about this one! 1. Melanie's voice is like a butter menthol and will instantly make you feel relaxed. 2. Gemma Watts' ability to make people feel at ease from the very beginning of every chat is a skill we want to master - it's not easy but Gemma certainly makes it look that way.


  • Does the name Tully Smyth ring a bell? On this week's In Conversation episode of Shameless, we sat down with the woman who trended worldwide for her behaviour on Big Brother. This was one of the most searing interviews we've done to date, and we know you'll love it.

  • For those of you who are missing out on tonight's live show, we want to give you a little taste of the vibe. So! Download this Spotify playlist - Shameless Podcast Live - it's a mixture of songs that Zara and I love. In the spirit of girl power, they're all by women, which makes this the perfect playlist to pop on at the gym too.

  • How I Built This With Guy Raz - Away. This is one of the most interesting episodes of How I Built This I’ve (Zara) ever listened to. Away is the cult luggage brand that’s all over your Instagram feed and this interview with one of the co-founders proves one thing: No major success story comes together in a happy accident.

  • Sally Rooney - The Cut on Tuesdays. For those who read Normal People and loved it, the lovely Sally Rooney (who is only 28!!!!) has been interviewed by Molly Fischer. This is such a sweet insight into her childhood, her writing and the experience of having mammoth literary success at an extremely young age.


  • Women of the American heartland on ABC Conversations: A bit of a random one from me (Mich), but I genuinely enjoyed this listen. The cycle of poverty is illustrated so beautifully, as is the depiction of womanhood and family bonds.

  • Psephology and the science of voting on Akimbo: Seth Godin has honestly made me (Mich) a better thinker, particularly when it comes to culture. This episode illustrates how fantastic Godin is at encouraging people to think outside the box, to challenge the norm, especially when it comes to really important things like how we decide who gets power.

  • Can't get enough of the crazy college scandal? As always, The Daily does it best. That's all we need to say.


  • Ummmm hello our interview with Michelle Battersby went live this morning! Michelle is the head of Bumble Australia and is one of the savviest women in the Australian tech industry. We talked about anxiety, the task of building a cult brand, and how perfectionism can be your strongest and most infuriating trait simultaneously. We hope you enjoy it!

  • M.J. on Still Processing. If you can't get enough of the commentary around Leaving Neverland, you must listen to this episode of The New York Times' culture podcast. Hosts Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris delve into why some people are in such denial regarding the accusations and what it means when bad people make great art.

  • David Tennant does a podcast with... Jennifer Garner. I know. I KNOW. I (Zara) recommended Tennant's interview with Jon Hamm last week but this week's episode with Jennifer Garner is an actual delight. They touch on Ben Affleck's relationship with his kids, her relationship with Instagram and how fame affected her at such a young age. Listen to it!

  • Love Stories with Matt Haig: I (Mich) think this is just a super important interview to listen to if you, or someone you love, is struggling with mental illness. Matt Haig has saved lives with his words and through sharing his experiences with suicidality in his twenties, and once you've listened to this chat you'll see why. I consider this one of my favourite pieces of media this year so far.


  • David Tennant does a Podcast With... Jon Hamm. I (Zara) love Jon Hamm. I would listen to him talk about anything and watch him act in everything. So, imagine my delight when I found this sweet interview about how Hamm broke into Hollywood and how Mad Men changed his life. Just lovely.

  • I (Mich) know you guys love Spotify playlist recommendations, and I LOVE my little brother's taste in music. So, if you love the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Wombats, and RUFUS, I suggest you follow his playlist here.

  • What Hollywood Keeps Getting Wrong About Race on The Daily. Wondering why there was so much contention around Green Book winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards? This is a really important deep-dive into what Hollywood, yes, always gets wrong about race.

  • Wait! Am I burning out? by The Pineapple Project. Burn out has become such a buzzword in recent months, but how do you know if you're just really stressed, or completely burnt out? Here's how to make the distinction.


  • Today’s In Conversation episode is with a woman we admire and respect greatly (and who was actually our boss for a hot second). From Jamila Rizvi’s glittering career in the media, to her unexpectedly falling pregnant and being diagnosed with a brain tumour, this interview covers a lot and we think you will love it.

  • Lily Allen’s episode of Love Stories with Dolly Alderton: this podcast is witty and deeply cathartic. It feels like the deep and meaningful chats you might have with your best girlfriends over a big glass of wine. Perfect for the soppy and unashamed romantics amongst us.

  • The Daily Talk Show - Cyclone Shameless: Those who follow us on Instagram have probably seen that we are currently playing Cupid for one of our favourite Melbourne podcasts; The Daily Talk Show has a very eligible employee named Mason and it’s officially our job to find him a girlfriend. Listen to hear about how our mission is going so far (a little… too well…).

  • The American Women Who Joined ISIS by The Daily: The story of ISIS brides wanting to return to their country of origin has, admittedly, been on my (Zara) radar recently, but not enough for me to understand the story or the nuance to it. If it’s been on yours, too, but you’re at a loss as to where to start or how to get across it, this episode of The Daily is the perfect place to begin. It is clever and sad and interesting and so, so well done.


  • How Osher learned to love his mind on ABC Conversations: This chat with Hamish McDonald was brimming with warmth and kindness. It covers the Australian Idol years, The Bachelor years, and the years that didn't play out on prime-time TV; the ones that were marred with mental illness and darkness.

  • Burt's Bees: Roxanne Quimby on How I Built This with Guy Raz: Out of every episode of How I Built This, this week's is perhaps my (Mich) favourite. Quimby is such a surprise multi-millionaire; she never really set out to build Burt's Bees into the giant it is today, and yet, she did it. The co-founder and entrepreneur is an enigma; a woman who rejects convention and doesn't particularly like socialising.

  • Valentine's Day on This American Life: Love is nice, but what about the extreme lengths people go to to pursue love? A bunch of stories about relationships and how they formed and how they broke.


  • OF COURSE, our interview with Laura Henshaw which dropped THIS MORNING! It's such a wonderful chat (if we may say so ourselves), where we talk a lot about who Laura is as a person, the stuff that makes her feel and the massive responsibility she feels she carries with the platform she has. You will love it, we can promise you that much.

  • Bradley Cooper on Super Soul Conversations with Oprah. Look, Bradley Cooper is notoriously hard to get much out of when interviewed and while he doesn't exactly bare his soul (ha, pardon the pun) to Oprah, it is fascinating to watch him transform from loveable actor into serious director. It's nothing more than a lovely listen.

  • I can't believe I'm about to do this. For any super long-time listeners of the pod, you'll remember me (Mich) criticising the Jase and PJ radio show's marketing campaign. Their tagline was "always awkward" and it made me want to stick my head in a bin. Well, almost a year on things have changed... so much so that I religiously listen to their show every goddamn morning when I drive Mitch to work. I know, I'm a sick joke, but it's also creative and funny which I LOVE because radio programs can easily become stale and cliched. I highly recommend either listening on KIIS FM, or downloading their daily podcast. So many lols. Yes, I just said lols unironically. Help.


  • The Daily Talk Show: this podcast, hosted by two Melbourne podcasters, is a joy. It has the laid back vibe of Hamish and Andy, but with a very slight social/political twist. Dip your toe in with this week's episode featuring Gemma Watts and then binge the whole catalogue. Great listening for when you're cleaning or going on a long walk.

  • Throw Back Thursday playlist, Spotify: Man does this playlist, created by Mich's friend Maddie, have some bangers. Word of warning: it's some of the biggest RnB and pop songs from the last 20 years, so does feature some slightly problematic voices (Chris Brown, etc) throughout. But if that doesn't faze you, enjoy! Helloooo, Natasha Bedingfield, Destiny's Child, and JoJo.

  • Caroline Calloway's interview on We Met at Acme. What? You thought I (Zara) was done with the Caroline Calloway story? HA. No chance. This interview is FASCINATING. I flipped constantly between feeling for Calloway and how terrifying it must be having the whole world laughing at you, and struggling to understand the amount of ego infused that dominates the conversation. Don’t be put off by the star-sign talk (definitely not my thing), because this one is a cracker. And once you’ve listened, hit me up. I have so many thoughts I need to chat through.


  • Our interview with the inimitable Carly Findlay is live! Most people would introduce Carly as a disability advocate, and they'd be right, but she’s also so much more than that: she’s an author, a podcaster, and a generally wonderful human being. We talk about friendships and loneliness, what it's like to bump into your school bully, and the people who try to "cure" her disability.

  • How I Built This with Canva: Melanie Perkins - if you aren't familiar with Melanie Perkins, now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself! She's the Aussie (born in Perth) who built a $1 billion empire with pure grit and determination. Melanie's passion for what she does is infectious.

  • Seize The Yay with Michelle Battersby: This episode guys. Wow. Highly, highly recommend. Michelle Battersby speaks openly and honestly about her mental health, her transition from banking into the Bumble beehive, and creating powerful platforms for women.

  • Like It Or Not from The Cut On Tuesdays: Likeability. What a damn dirty word. I (Zara) know I am a broken record when it comes to this podcast but this episode is brilliant if we're talking about the intersection between a woman being likeable and her ability to run for president. A must-listen.


  • How Do We Touch Untouchable Topics? With Jodi Picoult: a banger of a Getting Curious podcast episode, thanks to our lovely listener Tiara who popped this one in our Facebook group. If you love Picoult's writing and her dedication to research, you'll love her insights into how she puts her books together and why she doesn't shy away from writing about the stuff most people avoid.

  • Kate Morris' interview with Gemma Watts on Glow Journal: Wow, just wow. I (Mich) could have listened to this interview all day long. Kate Morris is an absolute delight, and her discussion of feminism and tech is incredible. What a game-changer. I also really appreciate how she unapologetically loves beauty, self expression, and fights for gender equality all at once. Gem is also a wonderful interviewer. Love love love love.

  • 'A rift over power and privilege in the women's march', from The Daily: This was FASCINATING. I (Zara) had no idea the women who organised the first ever women's march in 2017 had fallen out so dramatically since the movement first made headlines.

  • Broken Harts: a truly gut-wrenching and confronting look into crime, social media, race and illusion. How "a beautiful family" was really anything but. If you have issues with anxiety, maybe give this one a miss; if not, we highly recommend you give this American pod your time.


  • Kate Morris' interview on Beauty Island: This is an awesome Aussie podcast hosted by our friend and beauty writer Brittany Stewart. Her interview with Morris, the founder of Adore Beauty, is searingly honest and smart. We love how Morris is an advocate and equality in everything she does, particularly when it comes to promoting women in tech.

  • The Dr Rhonda Patrick episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast! Admittedly, this pod can be a little hit and miss, and the episodes are loooooong (like, three hours long), but this ep is pretty brilliant. Dr Patrick has a Ph.D in biomedical science and specialises in nutritional health. In this interview, she completely eviscerates those who spread misinformation about fad diets like the 'carnivore diet'. Enjoy!

  • Hamish Blake's interview with Wil Anderson on Wilosophy. This is not a new episode, but I (Zara) listened to it again this week and it reaffirmed exactly why I love this podcast and Hamish Blake so much. Come for the comedy, stay for Blake's refreshing honesty about how he likes to live his life and the philosophies that drive him.

  • Janice Bryant Howroyd's interview on How I Built This with Guy Raz: The story of how an African American woman took $1500 and turned it into a billion-dollar business in Beverly Hills. A must-listen


  • Okay, so we are biased, but this morning's In Conversation episode with Sarah Holloway is effing good. She talks all about being adopted from South Korea, giving up her prestigious career as a lawyer, and creating a global brand from her kitchen. We hope you love her as much as we do. You can listen to our convo right here. While we have you, we'll also give her awesome and uplifting podcast Seize The Yay a plug too!

  • Mich here. Nobody tell Zara I said this, but this week's episode of Armchair Expertwith Sophia Bush is pretty great! Personal highlights: her gentle explanation of white privilege for white dudes who just don't get it, and all the stuff about her divorce from Channing Tatum. In the words of one B. Spears, gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more.

  • Ummm... The Squiz is such a hidden gem in your pod feed. They're only seven-minute episodes that drop Monday to Friday, giving snackable insights into current affairs and politics. Highly recommend for your morning commute if you want to catch up on what's happening in the world/Canberra right now. You should also subscribe to their newsletter! Find everything right here. 5 stars. Wait, no, 50.


  • This week's episode of The Cut on Tuesday's. A look at gun violence in America through one woman's story of domestic violence. It paints a colourful and sickening picture of how insidiously the dynamic of a relationship can change.

  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: All of the episodes are brilliant, but our personal fave is Mila Kunis. Her episode explores the tricky relationship with her own celebrity, how she fell in love with long-time friend and co-star Ashton Kutcher, and living life offline.

  • Origins with James Andrew Miller: Like everyone else with a pulse, Zara is loving the Sex and The City deep dives. Sooo nostalgic and reflective. A must-listen for anyone whose head is still stuck in the '90s. Which is... everyone, right?

  • This episode of This American Life: An exploration of how a good man can seemingly turn bad. So bad, he kills his own father.