• The Farewell, in cinemas now. Hi guys! Annabelle here, Shameless Media's community manager. A huge call, but this has got to be my favourite movie of 2019 so far. The film follows Billi, a young American-Chinese woman played by Awkwafina. Billi’s grandmother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, but is actively kept in the dark about it by her family. Naturally. This movie perfectly made sense of that cultural disconnect so many children of immigrants experience - myself included - while remaining totally inoffensive. It’s also hilarious! And warm and heartbreaking, all at once.


  • Okay, yes, this is borderline ridiculous, but I (Mich) am a sucker for wedding videos and this one from Pewdiepie (Youtube's most subscribed-to creator, for those unacquainted) is DELECTABLE. I shudder to think how much a wedding and video like this would cost, but then I remember the guy has 100 million followers and could probably afford to buy the Jetstar plane that Zara and I travelled on to Sydney last month. Coooool.


  • The Hunting on SBS On Demand. Why do (most) Australian dramas never disappoint?! I (Annabelle) am a sucker for them, as well as for Asher Keddie's acting. Even though she will always be Nina Proudman to me, Nina sure made for a convincing mother to a teenage son. A son who was embroiled in an online nude photo scandal at school, no less. The story ends on a heartbreakingly real scene, where a classroom of teenage girls reveal to their teacher all the ways they avoid sexual violence every day. This show is definitely worth a watch, for that scene alone.


  • Humans on ABC iview. Hello! Annabelle Lee here, Shameless' Community Manager. A few days ago, my mindless scroll through ABC iview ceased to a halt when I saw Gemma Chan (Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians) and that guy from that wizard show Merlin (Colin Morgan) as the faces plastered on this show's promo. Why not? I thought, because I was in that 'I don't care if this is trash' mood. You know the one. But the show turned out to be bloody intriguing. Set in a world where frighteningly realistic robots exist, Humans tackles the equally as frightening possibility that they might become more than just lifeless servants.


  • Forgive me (Mich) for the world's most random recommendation, but you absolutely need to start watching Joana Ceddia's YouTube channel. She's a teenager, yes, but one of the funniest, sassiest, most intelligent and relatable teenagers I've come across, and her content is killer. She is like the love child of Jenna Marbles and your adorably dorky mate from high school. My top recommendations to begin with are 'I bleached my hair' and 'The same video, one year later'. I'll see you on the other side of the rabbit hole you're about to catapult down!


  • Forgive me (Mich) for the world's most random recommendation, but you absolutely need to start watching Joana Ceddia's YouTube channel. She's a teenager, yes, but one of the funniest, sassiest, most intelligent and relatable teenagers I've come across, and her content is killer. She is like the love child of Jenna Marbles and your adorably dorky mate from high school. My top recommendations to begin with are 'I bleached my hair' and 'The same video, one year later'. I'll see you on the other side of the rabbit hole you're about to catapult down!


  • Hi, Mich here, WITH YET ANOTHER WILDLY JUVENILE RECOMMENDATION! HOORAY! I think you should all run to watch Jenna Marbles do her nails with crushed up ramen powder. Will it make you smarter? No. But will it make you laugh and actually consider doing an at-home nail job with literal noodles? Unfortunately, yes. What are you still doing here? GO.


  • Press on ABC iView: I (Zara) am a long-time fan of Newsroom (if you haven't seen that one, do!), so I was intrigued when Press from BBC One came around, which delves into the goings-on of two London-based newsrooms. It's not glamorous or glittery, but it does give a unique insight into a struggling industry and how journalistic ethics are sometimes tossed aside for clicks or to sell papers. Would recommend!


  • Okay guys, we won't lie: we literally haven't watched anything new apart from some footy and the news over the last week. CAN MICH RECOMMEND LOVE ISLAND AGAIN? IS THAT ALLOWED? Of course it's allowed, because it's the best television show in the history of television. If you're not watching it yet, you are missing out. That is ALL.


  • Have you watched the first episode of Black Mirror season five yet? After Mich recommended it in Monday's episode, Zara jumped on board and is the same mix of confused and captivated. We highly recommend you stream it on Netflix tonight! (A little word of warning: make sure you watch it around people you're totally comfortable with, OK? It's... really something.)


  • Dietician Abbey Sharp's YouTube reviews: If you're like us, and roll your eyes just a little when you see someone spruik their 'Day on a Plate' on social media, then Abbey Sharp is the YouTuber for you. Sharp looks at every issue with a critical but kind eye, and her recent review of Sarah's Day is balanced and thoughtful. We highly recommend you give it a go if you're into science (that's... all of us), fact-finding and myth-busting.


  • Parks and Recreation, Stan: Okay - Mich here. I tried no less than three times to get into this show. Every time I sat down to watch episode one, a state of perplexion would wash over me that asked how do people actually LIKE this? What I didn't realise, dear reader, is that you need to push through most of season one until you find your pot of content gold. It's a big ask, yes, but Mitch and I are now deep into season two and loving every episode for its quirky, whip-smart sense of humour. ALSO, I shit you not, there's an episode where Amy Poehler says "rough and tumble" while talking about a painting and if that's not enough to get you on board, then I dunno what is.


  • Always Be My Maybe, Netflix: It might not be the most sophisticated recommendation we've ever given, but we stand by it. This new Netflix romcom is a story of nostalgia, timing, and unrelenting awkwardness. Yes, there are some cringe-worthy scenes, but there are also hilarious and uplifting ones. It's hopelessly uncool, and that's precisely what we love so damn much about it.


  • The PR of Scomo by ABC's The Weekly: If you’re looking for a laugh about the state of Australian politics, this is definitely a video you need to check out. In a world and time when conversations around politics can be so fractured and flammable and emotional, we really bloody love political satire like this that tells a story without the anger.


  • The Downtown Abbey film trailer: Look, I (Zara) more than appreciate I am absolutely cheating by popping a trailer in here, but I am not sorry. DOWNTOWN ABBEY IS GOING TO BE A FILM and I am VERY excited!!!!!!

  • Brené Brown: The Call to Courage on Netflix: Brené Brown has a cult following and for good reason. In her widely celebrated Netflix special, Brown pushes the point that it's better to say something and be criticised for it than be meek and mild and please everyone.


  • James Charles is cancelled by PewDiePie: With 13,000,000 views in a day, you know PewDiePie has struck a chord with this one. We spent the morning stopping work to watch this so you MUST too.

  • The Last Summer on Netflix: This is just about the most sugary movie you can find but my god I (Zara) enjoyed. Think of it as your mid-week guilty pleasure, your hungover treat, your easy way to kill time.


  • Dead to Me on Netflix: Yes, it's the show everyone won't stop talking about. It's not often you see two women take the lead on a mainstream production, but goodness it's refreshing. Dead to Me is garnering wonderful reviews as it explores grief and damaged friendships and how good people sometimes do bad things. It is the ultimate binge watch.

  • Honest Government Ad by Juice Media: This is genuinely (and both Mich and Zara agree here) one of the smartest and funniest and most brilliant pieces of election comedy we have watched. Please, please WATCH IT.


  • Bonding, Netflix: This new series is as edgy as it is awkward. The episodes are under 20 minutes each, and follow two unlikely friends as they navigate the peculiar world of fetish and 'dom' work.

  • Special, Netflix: From Ailsa, who says this one is a heartwarming comedy about a gay man with cerebral palsy moving through the world and a new job. This show is written and directed by people with disability so you know it's coming from real, lived experience.


  • Nikita Dragun on transgenderism, surgery, and identity on YouTube: Truthfully, that isn't the actual title of this video - Nikita opted for something clickbaity, as so many influencers do - but I think her headline sells the content short. This 25-minute video is fascinating and educational; it will tell a story of pain and triumph and metamorphosis, and there's absolutely no way you'll click off regretting the time investment.

  • Flight Of The Conchords: It will make my (Mich) life if there are Shameless listeners out there who love Flight Of The Conchords as much as I do. Look, I don't even know how to explain this series. It's bizarre and silly and hilarious, and follows three hopeless New Zealanders as they try to make it big in the U.S. with their shitty band. Please, just watch it wherever and however you can, and then report back in the Facebook group and tell me I'm right (and list which song is your fave).

  • Animal Kingdom, Stan: Okay, okay, okay - yes this Australian movie from 2011 has won a tonne of awards, but if you're like us then you were probably in high school when this was a big deal and missed the hype. It's dark and twisted, and the acting is beyond brilliant, which means fans of Underbelly will lap it up.


  • Killing Eve on ABC iView. YES - I, Zara, am like a million years behind on this one, but I've just started and woweee Sandra Oh is just the best. Don't be put off by the synopsis - I certainly was - because while it's set in MI5 in London and has quite the crime edge, it feels lighter and funnier than your average assassin-hunting true crime tale.

  • At Large - comedian Jack Whitehall's comedy special on Netflix: Admittedly, this is a bit of a curveball from me (Mich). While I found myself cringing in some parts of this stand-up routine, I genuinely loved some of Whitehall's anecdotes and retellings, making for a really lovely night in this long weekend.

  • Homecoming on Netflix: Beyonce was the first black woman to ever headline a set at Coachella, and this week - one year on from smashing all the records there were to smash - she's sharing the experience from all angles.


  • The Bold Type on Stan: Well, duh. The Bold Type season three is back and if you're not all over this, quit your hobbies and dive deep, because the ultimate feel-good show is back.

  • That video of MAFS' Jess and Dan on Talking Married. It's the interview Australia can't stop talking about, even after the series has come to an end. Did Jess and Dan just begin to break up on national television? Seven million people (and counting...) have watched the video just on the network's Facebook page, so you if haven't yet tuned it, you might as well catch up.

  • Alexandra Waterbury on Sexual Exploitation in Ballet by The Scarlet Letter Reports.Ailsa loved this 10-minute report by Broadly that explores how a young ballet dancer sued New York City Ballet after finding out some of her fellow male dancers had been exchanging explicit texts. It’s particularly great to watch as it is hosted by Amanda Knox, and the connection between these two women who have both experienced such ongoing public shaming and harassment is a great watch.


  • Dynasty on Netflix: Michelle will positively kill me for recommending this one, but after watching the entire first season I have decided this is equally the most absurd and addictive television show I have ever watched. If you like unrealistic but pacy storylines and portrayals of gross wealth, this is the sugary series for you. The acting is subpar, though don't say I didn't warn you.

  • Gender Critical - Contrapoints: This is a recommendation from our Shamelessmentee, Ailsa. This video essay will make you think. It's powerful and it might just open your mind to what it really means to be a woman.


  • Beyond The Curve, Netflix: Admittedly, this documentary on flat earthers isn't a masterpiece, but it is satisfying to see just how cynicism and stupidity can infiltrate the mind and alter perspective on reality. Sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and delight in the ridiculousness of it all.

  • The Project’s interview with Egg Boy: yes, we’ve really put this on our list. Despite being a bit starry-eyed, Egg Boy (real name Will Connolly) gave a really heartwarming interview. Best quote: “the egg united people”. 2019 has been a wild ride.

  • How Birth Control Made Me Four Different People: Our Shameless mentee Ailsa has been on and off different forms of hormonal contraception since the age of 12. She says this short documentary by The New York Times is so representative of so many people’s experiences, and reflects on the gender inequality within medical treatment.


  • Sooooo I (Mich) am developing a slightly odd obsession with Flex Mami. For those unacquainted, Flex is a TV presenter, DJ, podcast host, and all-round kickarse human. Her creativity, intelligence, candour and humour is nexxxxxt level. We are HELLBENT on getting Flex on one of our upcoming In Conversation episodes (a little tricky because she lives in Sydney - rude) but until we make that happen,please check her out on YouTube here. Also follow her on Instagram! FOLLOW HER EVERYWHERE!

  • Queer Eye Season three! This one is courtesy of Shameless mentee Ailsa: Our favourite feel-good show is back with its third offering, and is more heartwarming than ever. Particular shoutouts to Episode 3, about two sisters who run a barbecue joint, and Episode 6, featuring a man who’s recently lost his wife and is now a single parent to their two children – make sure you have tissues on hand!


  • After Life by Ricky Gervais, Netflix: Well, if this isn't an ironic recommendation after this week's podcast. Problematic recent work aside, Gervais' new work is being dubbed by many as some of his best. We are only a couple of episodes in but love it and would most definitely recommend.

  • Abducted in Plain Sight, Netflix: HOOOOLLLLYYYYY SHIZ BALLS YOU GUYS. I (Mich) thought I'd seen it all, but then I saw Abducted in Plain Sight and now my brain is a pile of mush. This true crime doco has to be the most baffling and infuriating of all time; once you've watched it you'll bully your sisters, mum, and girlfriend into watching it with you AGAIN just so you can see their reactions.


  • Guilty: The Conviction Of Cardinal Pell by Four Corners on iView. If the George Pell news has passed you by and you're looking to catch up, this is a brilliant deep-dive by Four Corners on how Pell was brought to justice.

  • This one is a little premature, but stay with us: Leaving Neverland, the documentary about Michael Jackson and allegations of sexual misconduct that surround his career, will air in Australia on Channel 10 over two nights, this Friday, March 8 at 8.30pm and Saturday, March 9 at 8.30pm. Watch it! These are the kinds of allegations the whole world will be talking about next week, and we will be unpacking on the podcast.


  • Hello my name is Michelle Andrews and in the last 10 days I’ve discovered Younger on Stan. You guys, I am OBSESSED. It took me a little while to get into the series - the first few episodes felt a tiny bit rushed - but now I am well and truly on the Liza and Kelsey train. Do I love Josh or do I love Charles? That’s a trick question - I love both equally and am currently considering leaving my long-term boyfriend for two fictional characters. SOS.

  • FULL DISCLOSURE: I (Zara) have not listened to the Dirty John podcast, which means half of you just (fairly) rolled your eyes. However, for those who haven’t either and want a mind-numbing, easy watch with Connie Britton at the front, Dirty John on Netflix is the perfect kind of sugary week-night filler.


  • Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" interview on the Zach Sang Show: OK, I've never really understood why you'd WATCH a podcast... until now. This chat with Zach Sang is so suited to a video format; you get to see Ariana around her favourite people, and meet the young and brilliant minds behind her chart-topping album.

  • For the mad MAFS obsessives like myself, this interview with Lauren is a must-see. Not because it's particularly important, but because it will make you reconsider how you talk about the show. The points about bi-erasure are particularly poignant and reveal a lot about the true nature of a program like Married At First Sight. It's a long one, but stick with it.


  • I (Zara), for one, can't believe it's taken us about three months to use this section to recommend watching a dog video so - you bet! - I am about to recommend a dog video. This video is far and above one of the happiest, funniest videos I have ever watched and I am not going to give you any more context or explanation. WATCH IT.

  • Underbelly, on Stan: you might've been a little on the young side when Underbelly was huge (or you might have just missed the boat irrespective of age), but binge-watching the different seasons back is a great way to spend your Sunday night. Not just because it's a case of "real life is better than fiction", but because it's a great example of just how good Aussie dramas can be.

  • I can't believe I'm about to recommend another James Charles video, but here we are. This Youtube video gives a real insight into blindness, disability and ableism. Some of Molly's quotes about love inhibiting her chance to grow as a person remind me of what Annie Nolan told us on her In Conversation episode a month or so ago. Highly recommend.


  • 'My parents do my makeup', by James Charles: Mich here! I have become wildly obsessed with James Charles in the last week. I'd avoided James in the past because of the controversies that marred his early years in the spotlight, but this video with his parents hooked me right back in. It's a random one, I know, but you won't regret it. Watch this if you're looking to feel uplifted; it's a fantastic depiction of supportive LGBTQI parenting and how love completely and utterly trumps hate.

  • Julie & Julia, Netflix: We have a couple of lovely listeners to thank for this recommendation. After Mich confessed her love of Nora Ephron on the podcast a few weeks ago, she's turned to some of her old movies to get her Nora fix. This one - with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams - is built on a foundation of good food and the female experience, and was Ephron's final piece of work before she died in 2012. It's light, easy, and deeply enjoyable.


  • This chat between Misha Barton and Amanda Knox is an absolute must-see. It looks at the public's disdain for public women, and how, in the case of The O.C.'s biggest star, fame can disguise your own humanity. It'll take less than 10 minutes, so just do it, yeah?

  • This video, from Constance Hall, is really important. There has been a bit of a movement in regards to trolling this week, and this video from Constance gives yet another insight into online bullying and abuse. It's candid and it's powerful and it says a lot about the devastating impact words can have.

  • Friends From College on Netflix: When I (Zara) started watching this show, I found something that allowed me to switch off completely and laugh at people who definitely have more complicated lives than me. I liked it. It was easy. Then I googled it and, full disclaimer, it has one star on Rotten Tomatoes and The Guardian called it "inexplicably, one-dimensionally awful". A show the critics hate that is equal parts ridiculous and mind-numbing? If we're talking cups of tea, that's exactly my kind.


  • Sex Education, Netflix: HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS NEED TO WATCH THIS (Mich here, hi). It's a British drama that is the perfect combination of funny and poignant and relatable. Once I finished ep three I literally couldn't stop. Highly highly highlyrecommend. HIGHLY. Ok I'll stop yelling now.

  • Fyre documentary, Netfix: If you haven't watched this yet, please do so immediately. This festival and how the events unravelled illustrate perfectly how Instagram and social media can be manipulated for exploitation.

  • So sugary, but The Try Guys's new video on Instagram editing apps is hilarious and worth 10 minutes and 52 seconds of your time. Watch it on Youtube here.


  • UM HELLO THE FESTIVE SEASON OF NAILED IT ON NETFLIX. Sorry for yelling, but if you're looking for some light-hearted, family-friendly entertainment this Christmas, you absolutely need to put this on. Best consumed with a glass of prosecco and the company of your favourite relatives.

  • This YouTube video by Mark Rober is up there with the best of all time. He's an engineer who decided to punish thieves with glitter bombs and fart spray. It's genius. It's hilarious. It's sweet, sweet justice. We cannot recommend it enough.


  • Mich has watched A Moody Christmas every festive season for the last four years. It's an Aussie series, and it's bloody brilliant. Even better, you can watch it on iView for free. Seriously. Watch it. Make your S.O. watch it, too. Then come chat with me about it in our FB group!

  • Succession, HBO (Foxtel): Zara here! I don’t watch TV, so when a show sucks me in, it gets me good. Succession is based on a family run media empire. Think billions of dollars, bratty kids and bitchy business. A little Murdoch-like, a little Trump-like and always dramatic. There are only 8 episodes too, so it won’t take over your life. Win.

  • If you're catching Ariana Fever, you absolutely need to watch the behind-the-scenes of the Thank U, Next music video on YouTube. That is all.


  • DOGS ON NETFLIX. Sorry for yelling. It's just so effing pure and wholesome and uplifting. Also, life hack: while in the company of an ultra-conservative twit, put on episode 2 (the one that explores the story of a Syrian refugee). It'll turn even your most annoyingly right-wing mate into a compassionate softie. Bravo to Netflix for this documentary series. It's beautifully shot and truly explores all corners of the world.

  • Dating Naked on Stan. (Yes, you already know it's Mich writing this. I make zero apologies. If you want a way to chill out and forget about work, look no further. Best watched with a big bowl of popcorn in your lap and a seedy grin on your face.)


  • Black As Me, a short film by Melbourne journalist and creative Santilla Chingaipe. In just two minutes and 28 seconds, this video shines a light on what it's like to move through Australian streets when you're not white. As white women, we still have so much to learn about colour, race, and privilege - and this is a great place to start.

  • A plastic surgeon guesses who's had plastic surgery: Mich here, lol. This is a Youtube video where a cosmetic surgeon meets a lineup of strangers and tries to deduce which surgeries they've had (if any). It is... fairly low-brow. But that's what I bring to this podcast and I REFUSE TO APOLOGISE FOR IT GOD DAMMIT.

  • Me again. Okay, yes, fine, she has six million subscribers, but have you guys watched Safiya Nygaard's videos on YouTube channel yet? I found her recently and am OBSESSED. Absolute faves include 'Melting together every lipstick from Sephora' (yes, really) and 'Ordering the first five "free" things from Wish'.